About Us

Welcome to Relatient – the only complete, web-based Patient Relationship & Engagement engine of its kind!

We are passionate about the idea of assisting healthcare organizations with patient outreach by automating communication that is necessary to create a more compliant, and ultimately healthier, patient population.

As reimbursement models continue to shift towards Accountable Care and outcomes-based medicine, there is a growing need for improved patient compliance.  We all see that reality.  The question is, how will your organization manage all of those details affordably?   There is an answer.

Today, Relatient’s patient engagement technology is being applied to all categories of patient communication. Whether the message is related to health maintenance, appointment, or collections Relatient allows the individual care provider to decide how, when, and at what interval those health reminders are delivered.

There are 3 types of patients:  the Compliant, the Distracted, and the Careless.  The Relatient team is focused on finding ways to move more patients into the Compliant category, and to benefit their lives while making the Provider more successful as well.

We care about you, your patients, and your staff.  Give us an opportunity to partner with you, and we will spend each day reaching for a better healthcare system, together.