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Practice Managers Are Leading the Way to Patient-Centered Engagement

Healthcare is changing fast and unfortunately most people don't handle change well — Practice Managers are the ones tasked with guiding doctors, staff, and patients through the changes. At Relatient we work with Practice Managers everyday and are constantly impressed...
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The Most Important App in Healthcare

It’s all too easy for industries to get caught up in adopting new technologies just to keep pace. “Everyone is building a custom app/portal/website, so that must be the answer.” Or so the thinking goes. For all the talk of human-centered design and patient-centered...
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What to look for in a Patient Appointment Reminder Vendor

Unlimited Messaging / Flat Cost Cost-per-message pricing adds another thing to manage and discourages following best practices around multi-modality. Multi-Modality: Voice, Email and Text Text is by far the most effective communication method when compared to voice...
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When Healthcare Needs to Close

Orginally published on LinkedIn by Sam Johnson. Closing means communication...and lots of it. We had the privilege of taking dozens of phone calls again this morning from medical offices needing to shut the doors for the day, due to inclement weather in the...
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