Patient Balance

RELATIENT Patient Balance MDpay
MDpay™ is a Convenient-Pay Messaging™ platform for healthcare.

MDpay - text messaging, office and web payment - RELATIENTThe e-Statement generation is here!  Turn the uncontrollable cost of statement generation into a guaranteed return for every patient balance reminder.  If the responsible party doesn’t respond, your organization incurs no costs. Compare that to paper statement inefficiency!

Financial stability is greatly enhanced by deploying timely notifications for open patient balances, and by giving the recipient the ability to pay with ease.  Today’s patient expects an efficient financial interaction with your group, and with their account, via mobile messaging.

The patient-responsible portion of a medical bill has grown to nearly 30% of the average collectible balance.  The goal of MDpay™ is to reduce costs that are attributable to postage, supplies, and human processing.  Turning those forgetful and distracted patient accounts into cash helps build a solid organization with engaged patients. Contact Us today!