Unlimited Patient Appointment Reminders

Timely and effective patient appointment reminders using automated voice, text (SMS), and email technologies.

Relatient’s appointment reminder service historically achieves a sub 4% no-show rate average across customers.

Don’t get stuck using only one outreach method. Relatient’s appointment reminder best practices makes use of all three primary modalities of communication and adjusts based on a patients’ responses.

“By deploying RELATIENT’s recommended best-practice strategies we have the benefit of significantly lower no-show rates!”

Tom O’Neil

Chief Information Officer, The Vancouver Clinic


No-Show Reduction

Text Reminder

Unlimited Messages

Paying by the message discourages use, so let RELATIENT’s patient appointment reminder engine communicate with your patients until your practice is efficient, not until it hurts your bottom line.


Best practice seamlessly coordinates outreach using voice, email and text based on timing and message … just like a real person does.

Automatic Reschedule

If a patient misses their appointment, simply mark it in your PM or EHR system, and RELATIENT will automatically contact them to reschedule.

Add On Demand Messaging

Last minute changes? Weather delays? Emergencies? With On Demand Messaging it’s easy to quickly notify your patients and staff – by provider, appointment time or location.

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