Surveys & Screenings

Patient feedback and health screening results in an instant.

Get real-time patient feedback and pre-screen patients at their leisure.

Surveying patients is not only good for your practice, but is becoming mandatory in order to participate under certain health plans.

Completely automate your survey process with Relatient.   From design to distribution to aggregation and reporting, Relatient can provide your organization with a better view into your patient’s experience with staff, procedures, facilities, and care. No organization can afford to disappoint its customers, and healthcare is not immune.

Survey & Screening Features


Automatically survey patients after visits and pre-screen patients before they arrive. On their own device with no app, portal or login.

Patient Centered

Get real-time patient feedback to make sure you’re their provider of choice.


Satisfaction surveys automatically go out within 24 hours post-visit. Increases response rate and data accuracy.

Real-time, filterable reporting

Filter recipients by appointment type, days since last surveyed,  provider seen, or any other custom criteria.

Custom or CG-CAHPS surveys

Custom designed, or use standard CG-CAHPS surveys.

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