Don’t let transportation be a barrier to proper care.

RideToHealth allows healthcare organizations – such as hospitals and physician groups ­­– to initiate ridesharing transportation services on behalf of their patients, staff, and physicians. Using our patient-centered approach to engagement and leveraging the vast network of drivers nationwide, RideToHealth bridges the gap between healthcare privacy concerns and new, inexpensive, transportation solutions.

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Going live with Beraja Medical Insititue

“RideToHealth will significantly decrease the high cost of missed appointments at the Institute, as well as remove the negative impact that a missed appointment has on an individual’s health outcomes. There is no doubt that solving the transportation problem will save lives and make our organization more financially sound.”

— Santiago Rivera, CEO of Beraja Medical Institute

RideToHealth Features

Integrated Ride Scheduling

Syncs with your EHR/PM to quickly find upcoming appointments to schedule transportation and automatically populates a rider’s pickup information.

Patient Privacy

Rider information is never shared with the driver unless they give it. Phone numbers are masked so that driver and rider can communicate without ever knowing the other’s number.

Report on Rides

Has the rider been picked up? What rides have we provided this week? Reports and statuses are clicks away.

No App, No Problem

No smart phone or app required. If a patient can receive a call or text, they can get a ride to your facility.

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