The number of self paying patients continues to grow. Are you prepared?

Join Relatient and AxiaMed on September 14th to learn how a patient-centered engagement approach to billing can increase payments, decrease costs, improve administration, and improve patient/staff satisfaction.

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September 14th at 1pm Eastern

There are more self-pay patients than ever before, have you taken the right steps to respond?

Join us as we explore modern patient balance collection through the lens of patient-centered engagement. We will follow the patient journey from check-in through to the final payment. We’ll discuss:

  • Pre and point-of-service card processing and why you should collect payment information before you need to charge (and how to do it securely)
  • SMS (text messaging) balance notification
  • Web and mobile payments
  • How to increase digital payments by 4X
  • Customer Case Studies and more

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PM Eastern

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Stick around after the webinar for 15 additional minutes of free question and answer time.