a patient-centered approach to engagement

About Us

Relatient is passionate about assisting healthcare organizations with patient-centered engagement. By helping organizations automate patient-centered outreach and messaging, we help practices, hospitals and health systems facilitate more compliant, and ultimately healthier, patient populations.

The old methods of patient engagement are well intentioned but ineffective because they overlook a key element: the patient. It’s not enough to push patients to a portal or an app. Patient engagement must be designed with the patient at the center, with the patient driving the solutions.

As reimbursement models continue to shift toward outcomes-based medicine, the need for improved patient compliance increases. We all see that reality. The question is, how will your organization meet that need? We’re here to help.

Instead of inviting patients to information and services, why not push the information and services relevant to them, as they need it and in ways which they can quickly respond to it? A patient-centered approach to engagement not only improves outcomes, it improves patient satisfaction.

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Relatient Facts

  • Multi-Location Management
  • 2-9% average customer no-show rate, depending on specialty and patient demographic
  • 80+ million patient messages in 2018
  • Unlimited Email, Voice and Text outreach
  • TCPA compliant platform
  • Single Sign-On compatible


respectful and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values.


No passwords or usernames

We verify your patients first so they don't have to do the work.

No app or portal

Instead of asking patients to download an app or log in to a portal, we deliver the right message at the right time.

Communicate like a person

Phone, email and text. Relatient uses all three communication modalities as needed.

Our Story

Cell phones have changed almost every aspect our lives: how we work, shop, play, talk, get around, record memories. And yet, when it comes to most doctor’s offices, it’s as if nothing has changed.

It’s not that healthcare is shy of technology, it’s that we started with technology as a solution before understanding patient behaviors and needs. Patient Portals are ubiquitous… but why did we all think that was the way to go?

“The other night I logged into my family portal to see if my mother uploaded her famous recipe,” said no one ever. Millions of dollars have been spent on patient portals that only 29% of patients sign up for, let alone use. Meanwhile, 95% of people carry a mobile phone – at their side all day, every day.

But do you know how they use those phones? The number one phone app in use today is not Angry Birds, Facebook, SnapChat, email, voice or the Internet. It’s text (SMS). Patients carry the World Wide Web in their pocket but go days without opening a browser. Only 20% of emails are ever opened, but 99% of text messages are read. Texting is the preferred method of communication by far and you don’t even need a smart phone.

However, text isn’t the only answer — people communicate with each other via email and phone, too. Some modes are more effective than others, depending on content and context, but they work best together.

What if we communicated with patients the way they prefer? What if they didn’t need a username, password or app? That was our epiphany. Instead of asking patients to come to us, we focus on bringing the information to them.

It’s what we call Patient-Centered Engagement. And it’s changing the way healthcare providers think about communication.

“It’s not that Healthcare is shy of technology. It’s that we started with technology as a solution before understanding patient behaviors and needs.”

  • Patient Portal Adoption 29% 29%
  • Provider App Usage 2% 2%
  • Emails Read 20% 20%
  • Voice Mails Listened To 20% 20%
  • Text Messages Read 98% 98%

“What if we communicated with patients the way they prefer? What if they didn’t need a username, password or app? That was our epiphany.”

Partners & Programs

We find and work with the best so that you don’t have to worry. Here are some of Relatient’s partners and EHR/PM integrations in alphabetical order.


AdvancedMD simply makes running your practice easier. Single sign-on from any location means you have immediate data access and comprehensive billing performance with minimal data entry. Everything is at your fingertips.

Allscripts Integration
Allscripts®️ is a leader in EHR integration and Healthcare IT solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results across an Open platform. Relatient is an Authorized Integrator with Allscripts for Relatient’s Patient Communication Platform.

Athena Health –  because you’re a doctor, not a billing expert.  Learn how our integrated cloud based services give you the freedom to focus on care.

axiamed logo

AxiaMed’s provides a PCI compliant financial transaction platform and gateway solutions for healthcare providers and technology companies. AxiaMed delivers an unsurpassed efficiency in collecting patient balances.

AntWorks – at AntWorks, we develope fresh, simple and smart ideas that help you get more out of life. Healthcare is one of the most valuable and important services in the world and our RCM, EHR, and PM Solutions are created to help you meet the rising expectations of today’s healthcare industry. We don’t just make IT, we reimagine IT.


ClinicAnywhere’s solutions facilitate improved workflow, giving physicians the opportunity to offer more personalized and individual care to their patients.

Compulink is an industry-leading EHR/PM solution catering to a broad range of specialties working with providers across the U.S.  Given Relatient’s ability to offer a superior experience for patients and providers, Compulink partners with Relatient who delivers an integrated, patient engagement solution to its customers.

Greenway Health provides smarter clinical, financial and administrative solutions that help businesses effectively compete in an evolving value-based healthcare system and deliver quality care that leads to improved population health outcomes.


HealthSystems is a value-added resource for physician practices using GE Healthcare’s fully integrated Centricity Practice Solution & EHR. HealthSystems will implement, train and support Centricity in the practice, and serve as a practice advocate to ensure clinical and financial productivity, progressive technology and seamless inter-operability.


Established in 1984, Medical Mastermind provides electronic health records, practice management and billing software to thousands of physicians from all specialties.  Medical Mastermind is headquartered in Baltimore, MD.

MDS Medical

MDS Medical is an end-to-end Health IT vendor for outpatient provider organizations nationwide. As the largest platinum partner of Greenway PrimeSUITE, MDS offers comprehensive training, support, and implementation services. From outsourced revenue cycle management, data analytics, managed IT, automated backups, and PrimeSUITE hosting – MDS works consultatively with its clients to maximize clinical and financial results.

EMA™, Modernizing Medicine’s electronic health record (EHR) system, integrates seamlessly with their Practice Management (PM) system to create an all-in-one solution. Learn more about our partnership here.

MD Solutions

MD Solutions, Inc. is located in Columbus, Georgia and is a provider of the most up-to-date technology in medical practice automation, electronic medical records, as well as many other services to help physicians improve the efficiency and overall workflow in their office.

PCS Medical Solutions

PCS Medical Solutions is the largest provider of medical software and network management solutions to physician’s offices in the Mid-South. Our success is based on providing world-class service and products to our clients.

Practice Manager Solutions

At Practice Manager Solutions, our mission and vision is to help individual providers stay independent and grow their businesses by impacting more patient lives.

PCS Medical Solutions

Systemedx is a leading provider of EHR(Electronic Health Records), Medical Billing, Clinical Scheduling and Clinical Networking solutions. We strive to deliver cost effective and time saving solutions to the fast paced world of healthcare.


TRIARQ Health Solutions is a value-based, tech-enabled healthcare services company helping providers and practices strengthen their financial performance, transition to value-based care and enhance the patient experience – with the goal of improving the quality and sustainability of independent providers.