We’ve put together some resources we think will be helpful to you and your staff. Many of you are familiar with our Broadcast Messaging, Messenger Chat, and Secure Messaging solutions and have already used one or more of these to communicate pertinent information with your staff and patients. These tools are excellent options for quickly and effectively communicating with your patients and staff during this rapidly evolving situation. 


Here are some sample messages you can use or modify with Demand Messenger:


Text Samples

“If you have traveled to Asia, Italy, or Iran internationally within the last two weeks and have symptoms of COVID-19, please contact our office at XXX-XXX-XXXX.”
“If you have traveled and visited areas of the United States with numerous cases of COVID-19, including the West and East coasts, you should be aware of cases that have emerged after domestic travel.”

Email Sample

IMPORTANT: Coronavirus Update Steps to Protect Yourself: 

  • Wash your hands often.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Voice Sample

Physicians Group is reaching out to our patients about the Coronavirus. If you have a cold or flu-like illness, please call us prior to your scheduled appointment. Visit our website for more information. Press # to listen to this message again. Thank you.


Use this two-way chat tool to reach out individually with patients using text messaging or a secure web session to keep your phone lines free.



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Need a Refresher on Using Demand Messenger?

Relatient Project Manager, Amy Franklin, is offering weekly Demand Messaging refresher training every Thursday at 2:00 pm CST or you can watch a previous training on Demand Messaging below.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Log into Relatient Portal.
  2. Select Demand on the left navigation bar.
  3. Go to Demand Favorites to create the message that you are wanting to send out to patients.
    • Click on the “Add Message” button.
    • Choose your contact type that you are wanting to create (Text, Email, Voice Call)
    • You can go back and create an additional contact type (if necessary) the same way you created the first.
    • Make sure that you edit the description so you can identify the type of message as well.
    • You can create each message, but be aware that for text messages, you can only send 160 characters due to TCPA Regulations. Also, the messages do not recognize the ‘ symbol, so if you put that in the message, and get a red bar across the screen after you hit save, don’t worry about it, your message will still send. I just would save time and so don’t put any ‘ symbols.
  4. Once you create your messages, hit the SAVE button.
  5. Now go to Demand Select
    1. Check the “Currently queued messages” section. It should say 0 if nothing is in the queue. (If there are more than 0, go to the Demand Queue button and select “Empty Queue”.)
    2. Update your Email subject box
    3. Example can be the name of the description of what you called the message type when you created them. Example: “Urgent: …..”, “Important:….” etc
    4. For the “Select a type” you need to make sure that you are on the Appointments tab (has a white background if selected) (As opposed to the grey background of the “Groups” button)
    5. If you are wanting to have the appointments cancelled in Relatient, then select the “Cancellations” box. If you don’t want to have the patient appointments cancelled, then leave the box unchecked.
    6. For your Appointment Start date, you will need to select the date of when you are wanting to target the specific patients impacted (who have appointments that day).
    7. For your Appointment end date, you will need to select the final date of the patients impacted.
    8. If you plan on sending these messages each day for the duration of the impacted days, you can always just make the same date for the start and end date. This will allow you to make the judgment call each day to send messages if you are closing or if you are open, or are just in general needing to make your patients aware of a situation (traffic, road closed, park in the back, etc).
    9. NOTE: If you have selected dates that Relatient does not have data for yet, then you cannot send messages yet.
    10. You will then need to target the “Locations” of where you have patients scheduled and are planning on closing or just sending a message for in general.
    11. For the “Providers”, again, this is the same idea. You can select the providers that you have your patients scheduled for at the locations being impacted.
    12. For the “Appointment type” section, you will need to select the types of appointments that you have your patients scheduled for. (NOTE: If you have excluded appointment types, then these messages WILL NOT send for these appointment types.)
    13. NOTE: You can select the X by each location name, provider, and appointment type to deselect them, so the patients will not receive reminders. 
    14. You can leave the default “appointment after” and “before” times, unless you see people before 6am and after 6pm. If not, do not change the times.
    15. Under “Select your message types” you can click the appropriate reminder type buttons
      • Voice
      • Email
      • Text
    16. Make sure that each of the Reminders that you just created in “Demand Favorites” are selected in the PICK FROM SAVED filter. Do this for each of your messages that you would like to send and that you just created.
    17. Once you have double checked your messages, which you can edit in these boxes as well, confirm that this is what you would like to send by pressing the “Send to Queue” button.
  6. You will be asked to confirm what you are wanting to send.
  7. Press “Yes, submit to queue.” Once you hit the “Yes, submit to queue button”, you will be taken to the Demand Queue section
    • In Demand Queue. Make sure that you have more than “0” in the “Currently Queued Demand Messages” column
    • If you do not, go back to Demand Select and re-check that you have your appointment dates selected. Remember, if you have selected dates that Relatient does not have data for yet, then you cannot send messages for those patients. You will need to shorten your appointment end date.
    • Double check who you are sending messages to in the list of patients below.
    • NOTE: If Relatient does not have a certain email address for patient, or phone number, then the message can’t be sent a message for the modality (text, call, email) selected.
    • NOTE: You can select the “Add person to Queue” button and follow the prompts to add the information for that particular patient.
  8. Once you have double checked everything, press “Send Queue” which is the blue button at the bottom right of your page. This will also confirm that the appointments have been cancelled if you have selected the “Cancellations” button on the Demand Select page.
If you’re having trouble, Relatient support can be reached at or by calling (866) 473-8160 and selecting 2.