Patient-Centric RCM: New Patient Payment Trends and Winning Strategies for Healthcare Leaders

Where Is Patient Billing In Your Patient Engagement Strategy?

We conducted a survey of healthcare leaders across medical organizations of varying sizes and structures to learn about their greatest RCM struggles and where they experience gaps in their patient billing strategies. We learned a lot! Some of it we expected and some of it was surprising. 

We unpacked those results with industry experts Ed Kenney and Frances Burton in this webinar about patient-centric RCM, including what it means and how organizations can make patient billing easier on themselves and their patients.

Check out the replay to learn more about:  

  • Rising patient responsibility: why RCM should look differently now that patients are major payers and strategies to jumpstart change and reduce financial risk
  • The 30-60-90+ day A/R trap and what to do about it 
  • Engaging patients in financial conversations prior to the appointment: why it’s so hard, what it can do for medical practices, and how to begin
  • Evaluating low dollar, high volume and high dollar, low volume transactions/account types
  • Technology in the marketplace that can make RCM and patient billing easier—for everyone

Presented by Industry Experts

Ed Kenney, Director RCM, Relatient


Frances Burton, Principle Owner, Kaizen RCM Consulting
Co-Creator of The Statement Scrubber

“Requests for my consulting services are driven more and more by the need to better manage rising patient balances (“A/R”) than outstanding insurance A/R”