Patient Balance Messaging & MDpay

More patient payments, made faster, with less work and less paper.

Patient Billing Made Easy.

Patient Balance Messaging and MDpay is the easiest and securest way to pay and accept patient medical payments 24/7, which means less work for staff and billing. Collect balances while you sleep.

Patient Balance Messaging notifies of due balances via preferred methods and MDpay revolutionizes how patients pay for those balances while automating payment posting and payment plans on the backend. How does it work? Learn more below or contact us for a demo.

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“We utilized a portal that allowed our patients the option to pay online, but it was not user friendly and didn’t provide our patients with the billing information they needed. We had an average of 160 patients per month who chose to use the online portal to pay their bill. We now have 700 patients per month who utilize MDpay. Our processes are more user friendly and streamlined since partnering with Relatient.” 

Gina Scalapino, Premier Family Physicians


Increase in online payments with MDpay

Automated billing messages

MDpay is an integrated solution that automatically notifies patients when their bill is ready and updates you when it’s collected.

Easy payments

No app, no password, and no username. Patients simply verify their birth year and payment — all from a link on their phones. Auto-filled forms and tokenized payment methods (captured at the office) quadruple payments made at the first opportunity.

Integrated dashboard

See all office transactions and payment methods on file with a dashboard that integrates seamlessly with your scheduling data, patient account balances, and managed payment plans.

Collect payment information before you need it

We’re really excited about this. With specialized and secure credit card readers, MDpay allows you to collect patient payment options at the office before you bill. Change your payment policy to auto-collect small balances, instead of writing them off or wasting efforts collecting them. Make it easier for your patients to pay future balances by auto-filling their payment information.