The Power of Easy

The Simple Strategies Healthcare Leaders are Using to Deliver a Superior Patient Experience & Drive Better Outcomes

— Tuesday, July 27, 11:00 CST —

Patients are more likely to take an action when doing so is fast, easy, and doesn’t require extra steps. 

Patients are busy, stressed, and easily deterred by hold times, phone trees, logins, and downloads. While some of these are sometimes necessary, they aren’t for the majority of tasks that patients need to complete. Think schedule and confirm their appointments, cancel or request a reschedule, leave feedback, register and check-in, pay their medical bills, and much more. In other words, healthcare leaders and medical providers can do more without asking more of their patients, it’s great news and we’ll show you how.

Join Relatient’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Kevin Montgomery, for a conversation about patient habits and behaviors and how to leverage them instead of fight against them. We’ll cover:


  • Trends and dynamics affecting patients behaviors, habits, and expectations
  • When to drive patients to your portal and good ways to do it
  • Opportunities for patients to fall off the schedule after they book appointments
  • Strategies for retaining your current patients and attracting new ones
  • Educating patients and driving them back to the schedule
  • Leveraging SMS and secure messaging to help patients navigate the patient experience and access their own data